Each year, thousands of pets are euthanized due to behavioral issues, many of which can be resolved through simple obedience training. A foundation in basic obedience commands and socialization skills is encouraged for all of our canine patients.

Classes are available locally. Check out some of the local training websites below:

Trainer training a poodle

Kenai Kennel Club
Local affiliate of the American Kennel Club offering training classes and much more

Peninsula Dog Obedience Group (PenDOG)
offers classes in Obedience (basic and competition), Agility, Family Dog, Puppy Kindergarten, Canine Good Citizenship, Rally and Conformation

When you suspect your companion is suffering from a behavioral issue, we are available to assist you through our Canine and Feline Behavioral Evaluations and Consultations. Common concerns are:

  • Inappropriate elimination
  • Fear of humans or other animals
  • Separation anxiety
  • Noise phobia
  • Excessive barking
  • Other nuisance behaviors

Evaluations and Consultations PDF download:

Canine Behavioral Evaluations and Consultations Feline Behavioral Evaluations and Consultations

Frequently, behavioral issues may have underlying medical causes. We can help to rule these out before implementing the various treatment options available to help you and your companion. Some treatment options are:

  • Behavior modification techniques
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pheromone therapy